"On the one hand, we wanted to create a shell that reflects the aesthetic model of the cloud as an intangible, changing future. On the other hand, the shell had to be very robust and durable. Keyword: Space heat shield. The second consideration was to achieve this as far as possible without technology, but through the basic physical principles of refraction of light, light diffusion or reflection. That's why we started experimenting with glass that doesn't age noticeably." Architect Jan Musikowski on his design plans for the exhibition and event building Futurium in Berlin.

On the basis of these considerations, the innovative structural-glazing-facade of the Futurium was created. The printed cast glass allows a varied play of light due to iridescent ambient reflections and a diffuse effect in depth due to its structure. Depending on the time of day and season, the reflected light creates a constantly changing appearance of the building.