Poetry of the Functional

Bauhaus artist Marianne Brandt particularly distinguished herself as a designer. In the metal workshop at the Bauhaus, she developed a multitude of design drafts of glass and metal, many of which went into industrial production. In addition, she was active as a sculptor, photographer and painter. As a photographer, she experimented with double exposures and reflections from 1925 onwards. The series "Poetry of the Functional" shows double exposures of the Bauhaus main building in Dessau as a homage to Marianne Brandt in direct print on brushed aluminum. The double exposures of functional circulation areas (entrances, stairs, corridors) of the building designed by Walter Gropius were created on the basis of the same negative, causing the subject to reflect in itself. A creative look at the Bauhaus architecture, true to Walter Gropius’ motto “Art and technology – a new unity”.