Langen Foundation

The exhibition house of the Langen Foundation is located on the site of a former NATO rocket station in the middle of the Lower Rhine landscape near Neuss, Germany. The building was designed by the Japanese architect Tadao Ando. The house is designed as an ensemble of three bodies: an elongated concrete building surrounded by a glass jacket and - at a 45-degree angle - two parallel concrete beams. These two are dug six meters deep into the ground and protrude three and a half meters out of the ground.

The photo series documents Ando's architecture, taking into account the specific characteristics of his design. The integration of the building into the topographical conditions of the surrounding earth walls of the rocket station and the reference to the history of the site. The connection between building and nature in optical perception. The use of exposed concrete, glass and steel as main materials in a reduced formal language. The visible structure of the concrete with the joints and holes of the formwork anchors.