Green Light

Fallow land, construction and industrial sites are neither particularly attractive nor much noticed places in our urban landscapes. And at night in the dark they are normally not visible. For some time now, however, it may happen that you are irritated at these properties by green neon light. In the bright spotlight you can suddenly see building shells, building materials, technical installations or factory and commercial buildings. Surreal images like from a military computer game or fantasy film in the familiar environment of the well-known urban landscape. The LED spotlights are part of the object security against unauthorized visitors, theft or vandalism. The spotlights are attached to surveillance towers up to 6 metres high with all-round cameras and allow monitoring within a radius of up to 200 metres. The green light colour enables better camera surveillance of the site and is intended to disturb people and animals less than white normal light. However, some residents find the bright lights unpleasant and annoying.